Victoria Marques Pinto, Imminent Impression (XV)

May 29, 2020
Victoria Marques Pinto
Imminent Impression (XV), 2019
Acrylic on Tecco Baryt print mounted on Dibond.
2nd layer: Hahnemühle PhotoRag handcut print mounted on Balsa wood.
Print size:100 x 66 cm
Framed: 111 x 77.5cm

£ 3,000 framed including VAT plus delivery





Through her mixed-media landscapes, Marques Pinto explores and emphasizes the human impact on the natural world. Creating surreal landscapes by incorporating found objects of plastic into seascapes, the addition of bright and saturated acrylic pigment into pristine untouched landscapes and marring the images of African savannas and its natural wildlife with foreign colours and textures.
The artist's interventions into traditional landscape compositions create strange new realities - sometimes witty and playful, but always hinting at a greater permanence and perhaps consequence - within her constructed landscapes.




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