Adam Jeppesen, Work no. 147 (T)

June 16, 2020
Adam Jeppesen
Work no. 147 (T), 2019
From the series Tanks
Mixed media sculpture
(Cyanotype on silk, natural fibre string, mineral oil, stainless steel and security glass)
38.5 x 28 x 28 cm

£ 8,160 including VAT + delivery




In the series Tanks Jeppesen transfers the cyanotype technique to the three-dimensional. Further pushing the limitations of what is considered a photograph, Jeppesen suspends cyanotype-printed silk in clear mineral oil inside a glass tank. This delicate material is stretched and anchored by strings to create a floating, intricate, three-dimensional object. These works are alluring and melancholy in their solitude, harkening back to Jeppesen's earlier work with landscape photography. Tanks demonstrates the beginning of Jeppesen's departure from a strictly photographic practice, and his move into three-dimensional and sculptural works.



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