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ART MARKET | Picasso leads the way; London's new photo gallery; and art fair in a Marrakesh hotel; 007's Vanquish revs up for sale

by Melanie Gerlis


This week a new contemporary photography venture, Black Box Projects, launches in London, with a show of work by the first two artists on its roster, Steve Macleod and Liz Nielsen (priced up to £14,000, Mach 6-10). Founders Kathlene Fox-Davies and Anna Kirrage chose the pop-i[ model because, Fox-Davies says, “We’re a small start-up for mid-career artists so we need the flexibility that you can’t have with permanent bricks and mortar.”


The new gallery will also bring a solo booth of new works by Macleod, whose collectors include the Duchess of Cambridge, to this year’s Photo London (May 17-20).


April 10, 2018
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