PRESS: Amateur Photographer Magazine

Colour photograms on display by Liz Nielsen

American contemporary artist Liz Nielsen will be showcasing her latest project in her first UK solo exhibition at a Black Box Projects pop-up gallery in London from 1-10 March.


Her new body of work ‘The Arrival’ features 25 colour photograms that she made during the summer of 2018 in the Californian hills. Liz drew inspiration from watching the same view change with the light.


Formerly a painter, Liz describes her style of work as ‘painting with light’. Inspired by the avant-garde photographic process of photograms, each image is created without a camera by placing objects directly onto photographic paper and exposing them to light. Typically Liz will print her photograms in an analogue darkroom with handmade negatives and found light sources. The paper she uses is negative rather than positive, which reverses the colours and makes interesting new combinations. Each piece can take up to 12 hours and 100 exposures to make. In this latest series, Liz has re-used her negatives with different exposures and layouts in order to create works that have a dialogue with each other, yet remain distinct.



March 6, 2019
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