Adam Jeppesen solo exhibition at Brandts Museum, Denmark

Odense, Denmark
23 aug 2019 - 2 feb 2020

Brandts is the most innovative art museum in Denmark. As one of the leading art museums in Denmark its mission is to present new and classic art alongside visual culture.


For this solo exhibition at BRANDTS, the Danish artist has done something completely new. He has cranked up both the scale and intensity of his work, where a 150 m2 podium forms the foundation of a city with a skyline consisting of minarets, towers and the silhouette of crumbling castles and buildings.


Adam Jeppesen is one of Denmark's most important contemporary artists and The Great Filter is about life’s basic existential conditions: beauty, transience, memory and time, interpreted in a silent, almost abstract expression.

May 30, 2019
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