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Imminent Impression (XV), 2019, Mixed-media photograph 

Through her mixed-media landscapes, Marques Pinto explores and emphasizes the human impact on the natural world. Creating surreal landscapes by incorporating found objects of plastic into seascapes, the addition of bright and saturated acrylic pigment into pristine untouched landscapes and marring the images of African savannas and its natural wildlife with foreign colours and textures.
The artist's interventions into traditional landscape compositions create strange new realities - sometimes witty and playful, but always hinting at a greater permanence and perhaps consequence - within her constructed landscapes.


Imminent Impression (XIV), 2019, Mixed-media photograph 


Artist in the studio, courtesy of Victoria Marques Pinto. 



Imminent Impression (V), 2019, Mixed-media photograph



Artist in the studio, courtesy of Victoria Marques Pinto. 



 Sea of Red, found plastic in the artist's studio, courtesy Victoria Marques Pinto.



Pink Salt Pool, 2018, Acrylic paint and C-Type print on Kodak Metallic paper



 Tinted Salt Pools, 2019, Acrylic paint and C-Type print on Kodak Metallic paper



Victoria Marques Pinto, born in Oporto, Portugal, 1994, with Spanish and Portuguese nationality, is a multidisciplinary photographer and artist who has lived in Portugal, Spain, England and Austria and currently works between Madrid and London. She has a degree in Arts, Design and Media and Art History from Richmond International University in London (2016), she has studied Photography, at the Cambridge School of Art in Cambridge at the Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom (2013) and holds a certificate degree in Digital Photography by the Portuguese Institute of Photography (IPF), from Oporto, Portugal (2012). In 2019 she completed her master's degree in Fine Art Photography at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Madrid.


Marques Pinto has been inculded in several group shows in London. In 2019 the artist exhibited her first solo show, Imminent Impressions, at Espacio 28014 in Madrid, Spain.


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April 30, 2020
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