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In Conversation with Black Box Projects


Join us for our second episode of In Conversation with Black Box Projects where we welcome Danish contemporary artist Adam Jeppesen to chat about his Flatlands Camp Project series, his new book Error, Object, Structure and his travels as a wandering artist.

Adam Jeppesen is arguably best-known for his Flatlands Camp Project series which was born out of an epic 487-day journey from the north pole to the south across the America's. The journey was mainly taken on foot, sometimes on bicycle, a little by car … but all of it was solitary. For over ten years Adam mined the content from this series to create seminal works such as X-copy, Folded, Ghost and Scatter. This experience went on to inform and inspire future series of works that reference themes and processes first explored in the Flatlands Camp Project.


The images from this journey are of remote, rugged landscapes which are suffused with a sense of tranquility, reflection and contemplation. This series conveys a search for spirituality, but it also addresses the materiality and transience of the photograph as an object. Coincidence, damage and imperfection are essential elements in Adam's work.

Adam Jeppesen, born in 1978 in Kalundborg, Denmark, first gained international recognition with his "Wake" series, which was published in 2008 by Steidl in book format. In 2009, Jeppesen was nominated for both the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize and the KLM Paul Huf Award. His work has been exhibited worldwide and is present in the collection at the Denver Art Museum (USA), the Danish Arts Foundation, the National Public Art Council in Sweden, the National Museum of Photography in Denmark, as well as in numerous private collections. Adam Jeppesen lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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June 22, 2020
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