Art for Good

Support artists, support galleries, support the arts.

We believe in the transformative role art can play both in our daily lives and within the context of the medical treatment of mental health. Art has the potential to change lives, to brighten spirits, to soothe, to challenge and fulfil. In these uncertain times, the livelihoods of artists, art-world professionals, arts charities and galleries are all at risk and sadly a significant number of them will not survive the current Covid-lockdown and subsequent global economic recession to follow.

Beyond the panic buying of loo roll and groceries, worrying about loved ones and our communities, there is still great art. We encourage you to support an artist you love through art purchases, support your favourite gallery through acquisitions, donate to that arts charity. This pandemic will end, the economy will eventually recover, and life will go on. Let's make sure our favourite galleries, artists and art institutions will still be standing on the other side. Support artists, support galleries, support the arts.

To this end, Black Box Projects has launched a new initiative called Art for Good. We will highlight one photograph from our gallery collection each day and, choosing to buck art-world trend, list full details and price. We hope that we can break the elusive veil that is drawn over the art world that hinders transparency and highlight works that are both accessible in price and those that may be more aspirational.

10% of all sales at Black Box Projects are pledged to Hospital Rooms, a charity that commissions world-class art and implements art programmes for NHS mental health services. Hospital Rooms relies on private donations to fund their essential work, without continued support they face a critical threat to the charity's survival.

Art for Good - support artists, support galleries, support the arts. We are all in this together.

March 30, 2020
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