Steve Macleod - Indigo: A VIRTUAL EXHIBITION

8 April - 11 May 2021

Indigo never started as an artistic endeavour. Instead it was borne out of reoccuring dreams Steve Macleod experienced during a traumatic health crisis, images and scenes would revisit the artist as landscapes of dark inky blues and hazy purples - colours often associated with deep cognitive depressive states. The reoccurring landscapes were not places the artist had visited in his native Scotland nor were they past memories being recalled.


Macleod keeps a diary of writing and drawing that he uses to consider and flesh out his creative ideas in word and image. Several years later, Macleod noticed the patterns in his landscape work were reminiscent of mountain ranges in the Scottish Highlands. The indigo dreams had subconsciously worked their way into his art in the same way that memories pop in and out of our thoughts. Macleod was unconsciously reconstructing something that once terrified him, but at the same time he was inextricably drawn to, manifesting as Indigo.


The Indigo series was shot on film and hand printed by the artist in the darkroom. Each work is an archival silver gelatin print toned in hot selenium, presented in a handmade bespoke artist frame and produced in a limited edition of three unique iterations of each image.