ARTIST TALK / Joanne Dugan and W.M. Hunt

Photo London - Deep Diving: A Conversation between W.M. Hunt and Joanne Dugan

Join Joanne Dugan and curator W.M. Hunt on Zoom for a conversation hosted by Photo London, on 4 May, 6pm BST. Free registration. 



Deep Diving is a dialogue between Joanne Dugan, photo-based visual artist and W.M.Hunt, writer, curator and teacher. Both are New Yorkers and have been friends and professional colleagues for a long time. Two years of lockdown intensified their relationship via random FaceTimes, checking in with each other frequently to gossip and to talk about their work. They will continue that conversation via Zoom online on Wednesday 4 May at 6PM (BST) following the opening of the artist’s first solo show in the UK.

Joanne Dugan: Persistent Awakening debuts on Tuesday 3 May with Black Box Projects at Cromwell Place. The exhibit will consist of “a series of unique camera-less photographic works that were inspired and created throughout her pandemic experience in New York City”. Dugan’s smart, abstract minimal work is part of a long photographic trajectory—from the cyanotypes of Anna Atkins and the silver gelatin assemblages of Ray Metzker—to today.

Hunt used his time during the pandemic to write “Great Photographs … or, at least some really good ones,” his considerations of how to look at photographs, or more specifically, how he looks at photographs. He will present highlights from this project at The Photographers' Gallery on 9 May, 5-6pm BST.

April 26, 2022
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