Adriene Hughes is a multi-media artist whose current body of work focuses on grand landscapes and the effects of global warming on the environment through the use of infrared technology, photography, and embroidery.


    The process of making, from spending time in and with the landscape as well as the photographing of it, has been a healing experience for Hughes, whose practice has been profoundly shaped by her survival of cancer. Since then, her artistic process has evolved towards a singular obsession to the photographic landscape. Environments that are struggling to survive, from the icebergs in the Arctic to the desert of California, have particularly resonated with the artist. Simply being in the presence of the land, the mountains and the trees of these places has allowed for an intense primal connection to nature. 


    Hughes' project The Secret Life of Trees, began as a series of photographs in 2017 taken during a forest fire in Washington State with the use of an infrared camera. The colours are an anomaly: they are the product of infrared light bending through smoke, combined with a chemical reaction in the leaves that registered a forest in the throes of distress. Through a phenomenon known as the mycorrhizal network, the communities of trees and plants are able to communicate through a complex fungal system. The intervention of embroidery envisions what these biochemical and electrical signals would look like if they were visible to the eye.


    In Threaded Icebergs, geometric patterns are used to demonstrate the way wind, language and memory travel, carving into icebergs the stories of the past, present and future. The making of these images is not just a record of the artist's connection to the sublime aura of the arctic, it is also a means of highlighting the environmental emergency that threatens the ice caps along with all living species.


    Hughes' photography has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including video installation at Venice Biennial at the Scuola Grande della Misericordia, and the Lishui International Photo Festival, China. Recent exhibitions include Klompching Gallery, New York, Centro Cultural (CECUT) Tijuana, Mexico, California Center for the Arts, The Center for Fine Arts Photography at Ft. Collins, San Diego Arts Institute, Sawtooth ARI Tasmania, Microwave International New Media Festival Hong Kong, and Simultan Festival Romania. Her photographs have been featured in many publications including Wired, Harper's Magazine, PDN, Phroom Magazine, German Foto, Humble Arts Foundation, Don't Take Pictures, Lenscratch, PhotoPhore, FeatureShoot, and Crusade For Art.  She is also the recipient of the 2018 Rhonda Wilson Award with Klompching Gallery, a 2018 Critical Mass Top 50 recipient, and 2020 Critical Mass finalist.  Public Art includes San Diego International Airport and the Boston Convention Centre. She has recently installed a 144 ft. large-scale photographic mural project at the San Diego International Airport, as well as an environmental infrared video installation of the Southern California desert landscape.


    Master of Fine Arts

    2022  The Secret Life of Trees, Black Box Projects, London, UK

    Solo Exhibition:
    2019 - 2020 Threaded Icebergs, Lishui International Photo Festival, Lishui, China, Curator Guo JIng

    Two Person:
    2019 Icebergs and Wildfires, Exhibition with DM Whitman, Klompching Gallery, New York
    2018 Photographer Eye's Collective, Escondido, CA. With photographer Amy Caterina, Curator Donna Constantino
    2011 Masked/Unmasked. ZTARC Gallery, San Diego, CA. With photographer Rebecca Webb. Curator Justin Hudnall

    Group Exhibitions:  
    2021 Signs of Spring, Black Box Projects, London, UK

    2021 Three Person Exhibition, Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver, Colorado

    2021 Moved To Act: Demonstrations, Marches & Political Actions, Cambridge Multicultural Center, Cambridge, MA,
    2020 The Altered Image: Women Telling Stories with Mixed Media, Dina Mitrani Gallery, Miami, FL
    2020 Winter Works, Klompching Gallery, New York
    2020 Beyond the Surface: Photograph as Object, Cal Poly State University, Curator Aline Smithson
    2020 Endangered: Exploring California's Changing Ecosystems, California Center for the Arts, Curator Danielle Deery
    2020 Moved To Act: Demonstrations, Marches & Political Actions, Pine Manor College, Chestnut Hill, MA, Curators Feldman/Davis
    2020 Moved To Act: Demonstrations, Marches & Political Actions, Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, Curators Feldman/Davis
    2019 Lishui International Photo Festival, Lishui, China, Curator Guo JIng
    2019 Paisanos Photo Project, Mexican Consulate, San Bernardino, CA. Curated by Jim Platel
    2019 Paisonos: 100 Artists, 100 Artworks, Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT), Mexico
    2019 Forces of Nature (II), Selections from San Diego International Airport, University Club, San Diego, CA
    2018  FRESH 2018, Klompching Gallery, NY
    2018  Conjured Realities, CENTER Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
    2018 Moved To Act: Demonstrations, Marches & Political Actions, Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY< Curators Feldman/Davis
    2018  Cruel Summer, BasileIE, Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA
    2017  Seeing Sound, curated by Jon Feinstein, Humble Arts Foundation
    2017  Flora, Don't Take Pictures
    2017  Southern California/Baja Biennial, San Diego Art Institute, Curated by Anthony Graham (MCASD), San Diego, CA
    2017  Landscapes, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Juried by Lisa Volpe, Fort Collins, Colorado
    2016  Center Forward, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Juried by Aline Smithson and Hamidah Glasgow, Fort Collins, CO
    2016  Transitional Landscape, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Juried by Natsha Eagen, Fort Collins, Colorado
    2016  Snow, Curated by Alison Zavos, FeatureShoot (online feature)
    2012  Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA, Modern Myths, Folklore and Tall Tales
    2011  Northeastern University Art Gallery, Boston, MA
    2006  Grossmont College Gallery, San Diego CA
    2006  Gallery Artists Studio Projects, Mediate Me, Boston, MA
    1999  Photographic Resource Center, Boston, Celebrating New Technologies
    1999  Boston Cyberarts Festival, Boston, MA
    1999  School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

    Public Art:  
    2019-2021 Forces of Nature, Infrared Video Installation, Terminal 2, San Diego International Airport
    2019-2021 Admiral Boland Photographic Mural Project, San Diego International Airport
    2016-2017 San Diego International Airport, Intergalactic Dreaming, Year Long Installation
    2016  The Resonance of Loss, Boston CybertArts Festival, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Curator George Fifield

    Video Installation:
    2019 D/EVOLUTION, Scuola Grande della Misericordia, curated by Zuecca Projects and PhotoPhore, Venice Biennial, Italy
    2017-2018 The Resonance of Loss with Future Resonance, Zuecca Projects, Venice, Italy
    2016  The Resonance Of Loss, Tasmanian International Video Art Festival, Sawtooth ARI, Tasmania, Australia
    2016  The Resonance Of Loss, PhotoPhore: Be Water, Microwave International New Media Festival, Hong Kong
    2015  The Criteria of Shape, Four Screen Installation, The Filmmatic Festival, CALIT2, University of California, San Diego
    2015  The Criteria of Shape, Single Channel Video, Simultan Festival 2015, Romania
    2010  The Fourth Wall / Neurosis / On Becoming a Swan, Single Channel Video, University of California, San Diego
    2003  The Blue Room, Single Channel Video, Il Coreografo Elettronico, Naples, Italy
    2003  The Fourth Wall, Audio, Cyberlounge, Boston, MA
    2002  The Blue Room, Single Channel Video, UCR/California Museum of Photography
    2001  The Fourth Wall, Foldover, Audio Broadcast, Oberlin University, Japan
    2001  The Fourth Wall, Radio@Art Broadcast, WMBC, University of Maryland
    2001  The Fourth Wall, Micro Museum/NY Foundation for the Arts, Brooklyn, NY
    2001  The Fourth Wall, Boston Cyberarts/NY Foundation for the Arts, Boston, MA
    2001  The Fourth Wall, Digital Identity, Better Living Through Bits, Boston, MA
    2001  The Fourth Wall, Sound Dome, Dangerous Waves, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    2001  The Fourth Wall, Thesis, Tufts University Art Gallery, Boston, MA
    2001  Pressure, Sound Installation, Greet Street Gallery, Boston, MA
    2001-2002  The Fourth Wall, (International Tour), American Composer's Forum
              Musica Nova Sofia, Bulgarian National Radio
              Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
              Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
              Oberline University, Japan
              National and University Library, Zagreb, Croatia
              Metro State University, St. Paul, MN
              Los Angeles Harbor College, Los Angeles, CA
              Sursum Corda, Minneapolis, MN
              Weisman Art Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
              Block Cinema, Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
    2001  The Ethnographic Museum of Irrelevant Races, Single Channel Video, Gringo Racism: Mickey Mouse Meets the Taco Bell Chihuahua, Arte
              Americas, San Francisco, CA
    2000  The Ethnographic Museum of Irrelevant Races, Single Channel Video, MIT and Guillermo Gomez-Pena Installation/Performance, Boston, MA
    2000  The Ethnographic Museum of Irrelevant Races, Mobius, Video Space, Boston, MA
    2000  On Becoming a Swan & Neurosis, VIDEO, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts
    2000  On Becoming a Swan, Sound Art 2000, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts
    1999  Random Noise Digital Technology Show, Boston, MA

    Awards and Grants
    2020 Critical Mass, Finalist
    2019 Nomination Orchid Award, Oh Lovely Desert, San Diego Architectural Foundation
    2018 Critical Mass, Top 50
    2018  Rhonda Wilson Award, Fresh 2018, Klompching Gallery, NY
    2016  Focal Point, Crusade for Art, Featured Artist, Mentor Program
    2016  Juror's Award, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Transitional Landscape
    2015  Outstanding Achievement, First Place, International Color Awards
    2015  Honorable Mention, Moscow Photo Awards
    2011  Finalist, EMPAC Grant Award, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    2010  Nominee, International Color Awards